Beware of Over the Sink Haircuts

man shaving hair over bathroom sink

Most of the kids are back to school, and with the new year comes fresh haircuts to help put their best foot forward. While it may seem convenient to set up a makeshift beauty salon in front of your mirror and above the sink, the location of these DIY haircuts can result in a hairy plumbing problem, specifically stubborn clogs.

We understand that some haircuts may have to take place at home when you’re in a pinch. Not to worry, there are some simple tips and tricks you can follow to keep your hair looking fresh and your drains safe from clogs. Keep reading to learn more!

Close the Drain

If you cannot part with your over-the-sink haircuts, simply close the drain to prevent any snippings from entering. You can also line the sink with a towel or plastic, so you’ll be able to easily roll up the hair and shake it into a nearby trashcan.

While it may be tempting to simply run the faucet and allow the water to take the hair down the drain, it could result in a deep-rooted clog that requires professional attention.

Vacuum Up the Clippings

Suppose you were daring and chopped a lot of locks! In that case, we recommend pulling out your trusty wet-dry vacuum to remove any excess clippings that may be stuck in the sink. You’ll want to ensure that every strand is removed, as leaving any behind is a surefire way to cause a clog.

Use a Wastebasket

To keep your at-home haircuts drain-friendly, we recommend moving your station altogether. Grab a trash can or wastebasket to collect the hair clippings and allow for an easy clean-up. Trust us; the further hair is away from the drain, the better!

Drain Cleaning Experts

If you’ve already gone ahead with a DIY haircut and need help clearing a stubborn clog, our team is here to help! Albright's Mechanical Services provides fast and efficient drain cleaning services that will keep your plumbing system running like clockwork. Call us today at (410) 834-0148 or complete our contact form to schedule an appointment!

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