The Top 4 Reasons to Stop Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

pouring drain cleaner into sink

If you have a clogged drain in your home, you may be tempted to use a chemical drain cleaner to try to get rid of it. Unfortunately, that can do more harm than good. Here are four reasons why you should stop using chemical drain cleaners in your home.

They Aren't Effective

Homeowners often waste a lot of money using commercial drain cleaners as they think it will be a quick fix to their problem. Unfortunately, they tend to find that these drain cleaners don't remove the clog entirely, and they wind up having lingering issues. Homeowners are better off having Albright's Mechanical Services remove the clog for them to ensure that it's done properly.

They Are Bad For The Environment

Chemical drain cleaners are made with all sorts of harmful ingredients that are bad for the environment. You don't want to put these chemicals into your pipes as they will end up in your sewer system or septic tank.

They Are Harmful To Humans

It's not a good idea to have chemical drain cleaners in your home. They can put your children in harm's way as there's always the potential for a child to get a hold of them and ingest them. When you use chemical drain cleaners, you are also exposing yourself to the fumes, and there is the risk of the chemicals getting into your eyes or on your skin.

They Can Damage Your Plumbing

Chemicals, like the ones often found in drain cleaners, can damage your pipes. These types of cleaners may contain sulfuric acid. Using these types of drain cleaners in your home can inadvertently cause a costly plumbing issue.

If the water isn't flowing as freely in your drains as it once was, you may have a clog. However, you shouldn't try to unclog it yourself with a chemical drain cleaner. By using a chemical drain cleaner, you run the risk of harming your pipes and the environment. You also can put yourself and your family at risk of harmful side effects, and you will probably still be left with a clogged drain.

For safe, professional drain cleaning services, you can count on Albright's Mechanical Services: (410) 834-0148.

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